Darren Tichenor
San Diego, CA

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was about fifteen years old. I started out by using my Dads old Minolta 35mm SLR film camera. He taught me the basics such as shutter speed, aperture, and how to use an external flash. In high school I took a photography class and learned the techniques of developing film and making prints in the darkroom, then a few years later I took a correspondence course that taught me much more about developing an eye for composition (which I found out I already had for the most part). The years that followed consisted of taking photos now and then and eventually I wasn't shooting much at all.
Then in November of 2005, I discovered the digital camera and all the new technology that came with it such as Photoshop. This was a whole new creative ballgame which rekindled my interest in photography. Since then I've upgraded my equipment several times, I take my camera everywhere I go, and have created my own business called Tich Photography.
I enjoy photographing people, animals, and moments in time, but what I love the most is capturing landscapes, skylines, and all the outdoors. To travel around, take in the sights, and record them for everyone to see is truly a good time.
Capture the moment!
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